Ángel Pueyo and Fernando Sancho, two friends of a lifetime. Natives of the zaragozan town of Gallur.

Music fans from their early childhood, they begin to get close to the Aragonese folk music already in their maturity.

Being musicians of dulzaina and bagpipe, they start a small workshop for the manufacturing of their own instruments in the city of Zaragoza, called El Chiflo.

Short time later, and considering the demand of instruments in the region of Aragon and even beyond, they manufacture instruments of Aragonese tradition shown in section "instruments".

As musicians they are couple of dulzaina and components of group "Gaiters de Morropreto" and "Banda de Gaitas de Boto Aragonesas".

Besides all this, on 2005 his researching work led them to collect the scores of the dance of their village and transcribed them for aragonese dulzaina, editing them on the Nr. 5 entitled "El dance de Gallur" from the NOTEBOOKS OF REPERTOIRE from the A.G.A. (Association of bagpipers of Aragon).